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Higher-Level Feats for the Fighting Man

This is a collection of 30 feats, intended to benefit high-level fighters by giving them additional choices—always a good idea, in my opinion.

Some of the feats (Armor Focus) can be taken as early as first level, while one can't be taken until 16th level (Extraordinary Weapon Specialization). The balance is generally good; I don't forsee any major game-breaking potential (though, as with any collection of new rules, the added versatility does nudge power upward).


Your naked fists are as hard as an iron gauntlet, allowing you to wreak terrible injury upon those you strike.
Prerequisites: Str 13, Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (unarmed), Improved Critical (unarmed).

Recommended to: Fighter players at mid-high levels (10-20), DMs looking to encourage single-class fighters or to add more options.
Best part: There are some really interesting feats here, which made the product worthwhile for me. Extended Smite gives a character a real reason to continue with paladin levels, and Terrible, Swift Sword is just awe-inspiring.
Worst part: Size—with only 30 feats, a DM who is particular about what he allows in his world may find that there's little left after his idiosyncrasies. In my case, as a true rules pedant, I can forsee myself using no more than 10–11 of these feats.
Judgment: *** 1/2

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