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A Handful of Epic Creatures

For those of you looking for a collection of high-CR monsters, there's not a whole lot out there. Quirin Mythology #1 delivers a number of epic creatures, suitable for a variety of levels.

Overall the creatures are well-designed and interesting. The creature ideas are compelling, though the mechanics are unexceptional. In the original release there were some mechanical mistakes, but these have been revised by the author.

Sample concepts: Alcorn is an interesting unique monster; Deshayvine are thumb-tall feyfolk warriors with a twisted background; Gomthu are corrupting demons; the Milmang is a unique creature with incredible power, sapping the strength of even gods when it hits; Threyclops are epic giants.

The text expands on these by adding variants (Deshayvine assassin, Threyclops fighter), custom magic items, and a new spell. The explanatory text is quite good: the author's creativity shines here. I don't normally enjoy the text, as it is often clichéd, but this seemed fresh to me.

Highlight: creative backstories for all creatures
Recommended to: everyone who runs epic campaigns, nonepic DMs looking for background material, writers looking for ideas to steal
Best part: The creatures all have interesting backgrounds and the material is well fleshed-out.
Worst part: There are occasional grammatical mistakes which can be distracting, and the artwork is plain.
Judgment: ****

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