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A Handful of Artifacts

If you've seen any of the other Quirin Mythology series, or Quirin Adventures #3: Door to Simit Al, you know that GMC is building a niche for itself with 20-plus material. This immediately raises two questions: is A Handful of Artifacts one of these epic-level products? Will work for lower-level campaigns?

Of the six artifacts in the product, only one (the Paragon Crown) would be difficult to use in a mid-low level campaign. The others are well-suited for use as the centerpiece of nonepic campaigns—in fact, one of the campaign ideas (#2.1) is designed for perhaps 1st to 3rd level characters. Of course artifacts are powerful, and they're better-suited for higher levels.

For those interested in epic level play, the artifacts are designed with flexibility for high-level use in mind. These are not conventional magic items in any way, and no character would be likely to own these for long, but they could drive epic campaigns just as sub-epic campaigns. Additionally, they could be used as possessions of powerful NPCs and creatures, making them more interesting. These NPCs would act differently than the PCs might expect, since they will be driven by the need to satisfy the requirements or curses of their artifacts.

The ideas behind the artifacts are diverse. The Grail of Belief is a relic which could spark interreligious conflict or cause major changes to the faith structure of the world; the Paragon Crown and Schattentaeter serve from the shadows, giving their wielders special powers in exchange for certain acts. The Throne of Awust Raldig is almost like an incarnate spell, and the Observer and Cyl have beliefs and goals strong enough that they almost qualify as characters. (Cyl is statted like a monster, as a 'race' and a unique.)

Highlight: adventure ideas and research information tables for each artifact
Recommended to: All DMs, without qualification: well fleshed-out story ideas along with solid mechanics are useful to everyone.
Best part: The nine adventure ideas for each artifact are the most useful part of the PDF.
Worst part: Schattentaeter refers to the artifact, the template, and the creatures controlled by the template. It's not a big deal, but there's not much else to complain about.
Judgment: *****

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